The biggest change to this years event is our shift of venue.

This year we shall be using the gym halls at George Heriots School.   An institution that dates back to the dark days before Smallsword was invented!

This has two big advantages: Location and facilities.

In terms of Location Heriots could not be more central.  The entrance we shall be using is on the Grassmarket, which is directly below Edinburgh Castle.  The area is the heart of the tourist area of the city with huge amounts of accommodation options available meaning no more taxi rides each each day!  It is also home to many pubs and eating places for lunches and our evenings can all be in the same area.

The Facilities are also a step up.  We will not only have access to a large gym hall as before, we also have a second smaller dance studio room which can be used for break out sessions such as freeplay.  On top of this we will have access to a class room which will allow us to do something we have wanted to do for a while, host lectures and round tables.

To access the gym you need to go to Hunters Close off the Grassmarket.  Dont go the front of the School!


The one area were moving to the new venue has an issue is with regards to parking.  There is very limited on site parking which we probably will have to reserve for event organisers.  The local area has parking but it is prohibitively expensive and busy.  (Edinburgh is an old medieval city not designed for cars)   We strongly encourage you to either stay in the area or make use of public transport to get to and from the venue.   We expect to be able to lock equipment in a room over night on the Saturday at your own risk.  As we say there are huge numbers of hotels, B&Bs and hostels in the immediate area so we hope this is not an issue for most of you.

Evening Socials

On Friday and Saturday evenings we will meet in The Beehive Inn.  It’s a historic old pub about 100 yards from the gymnasium on the Grassmarket.

On Friday we have booked a couple of tables in an area on the left of the pub for informal meet and greet.  Be aware there is no food as part of this but you can order at the bar before 9pm.   Or you can eat at one of the many other places in the area and pop in to say hello.

On Saturday we have booked a special room all to ourselves upstairs with its own bar at the Beehive Inn.   There will also be a buffet served at 8pm which we have put in front of our resident veggie and gluten intolerant person so should be suitable for most.

Attire for Saturday is not formal but people often tweed up in a more gentlemanly / gentlelady style.