The Smallsword Sympoosium is an event dedicated the art of Smallsword. Every year we welcome to Edinburgh guests from across the world to study, teach, learn, fence and do all things smallsword.  Just as important we get to meet new people and promote the take up of this splendid historical fencing art.

This years Symposium shall take place on 7th and 8th October in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh.  This year the theme is Calmness, Vigour, Judgement.  

Over the next couple of months we will be releasing details of the various classes but the basic format will remain the same.  Two streams of workshops on the Saturday with more workshops on the Sunday morning.  Workshops are run by instructors be they established or up and coming from across Europe and beyond. Then on Sunday afternoon we host a friendly tournament and finish with some organised free fencing.

This year we will be covering fencing systems from France, Scotland, Italy, Germany and for the first time Spain. 

Of course on top of the fencing there is the obligatory socialising.  A weekend in Scotland clearly requires that we visit one of Edinburgh’s excellent pubs for food, beer and discussion of the latest style in fencing breeches available from Italy.

To book your place at this years symposium hit the buy now link.   The cost is £100.